o   Passport (valid, up to date)

o   Visa (multiple countries, etc.)

o   Personal Identification

o   Driver’s License

o   Health Documentation

o   Vaccine Cards (Covid 19, etc.)

o   Transportation Tickets

o   Hotel Reservations

o   Tour Vouchers

o   Frequent Flyer #’s

o   Emergency Contacts List

o   Travel Insurance (cancellations, etc.)

o   Health Insurance (international)

o   Medical Evacuation Insurance

o   Emergency Cash for Travel

o   Credit Cards/ATM/Debit cards

o   Copies of all Docs in the “Cloud”

o   Special Reservations Booked

o   Contact Person at Destination

o   Guidebook (PDF version)

o   Maps


o   Main travel luggage

o   Carry-on travel luggage

o   Daypack / shoulder bag

o   Waterproof bags

o   Hidden Money Stash

o   Document(s) Pouch

o   Travel Pillow

o   Eye shade

o   Noise-cancellation ear plugs

o   Compact blanket

o   Sweater/Jacket

o   Keys (house and car)

o   Headlamp (w/extra batteries)

o   Electricity plug converters

o   Water bottle

o   Comfortable clothing/shoes

o   Prescription glasses

o   Sunglasses

o   Hat with visor

o   Small multi-tool


o   SIM card (for mobile phone)

o   USB stick

o   Cloud backup of all documents

o   List of prescriptions

o   List of doctor’s name / contact info



o   Contact lenses & liquid

o   Umbrella

o   Raincoat

o   Scarf or bandana

o   Address book (update mobile)

o   Travel Alarm

o   Journal

o   Reading materials

o   Pen or pencil

o   Digital music player

o   Digital camera & accessories

o   Binoculars (compact)

o   Playing cards

o   Snacks

o   Hand sanitizer

o   Disposable mini wipes

o   Toilet paper

o   Tissues

o   Lighter or matches

o   Personal Locator Beacon

o   Sewing/repair kit

o   Duct tape (small roll)

o   Sink stopper (hotel sinks)

o   Zip-lock bags

o   Laundry soap


o   Advise Home Alarm of Travel

o   Advise Bank of foreign CC use

o   Stop automatic deliveries

o   Advise trash pickup service

o   Advise Post Office to hold mail

o   Prep water heater for absence

o   Arrange for pet sitting

o   plants and lawn maintenance

o   Setup Lighting timer system

o   Turn down thermostat

o   Re-set sprinkler system

o   Stop newspaper delivery

o   Leave house key & itinerary with friends/family

o   Leave copy of flights and itinerary with friends/family

o   Empty refrigerator

o   Eliminate electrical hazards (unplug appliances, etc.)

o   Store valuables in a safe place

o   Lock all doors and windows

o   Pre-pay/auto-pay bills

o   Reconfirm/check-in online




o   Comb or brush

o   Toothbrush

o   Toothpaste

o   Mouthwash

o   Deodorant

o   Dental floss sticks

o   Bathing soap

o   Shampoo & Conditioner

o   Skin care lotion

o   Make up kit w/mirror

o   Nail file/clippers

o   Sunscreen

o   Lip balm

o   Razor & shaving cream

o   Wash cloth

o   Small towel

o   Synthetic bath towel

o   Flip-flops



o   Health Documentation

o   Vaccine Cards

o   Pain reliever pills

o   Pain reliever cream

o   Cold medicines

o   Throat lozenges

o   Diarrhea medicine

o   Laxative

o   Insect repellent

o   Sunburn cream

o   Itchy bite cream

o   Antibiotic cream

o   List of personal Rx’s

o   List of generic RX names

o   Birth control items

o   Malaria medication

o   Motion sickness meds

o   Water purification kit

o   Vitamins

o   Moleskin

o   Personal hygiene items




o   ____________________

o   ____________________

o   ____________________

o   ____________________

o   ____________________

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