Steffen Reichle

Steffen Reichle

Photographer and Nature Guide

Born in Germany, Steffen was studying biology at the university when he pursued a master’s degree in biology then a PhD on conservation and amphibians.  He came to Bolivia to finish the process and he loved it so much, he decided to stay.

He is an expert on conservation and has worked on projects in Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Bolivia.  He is also a member of the UICN species committee for Amphibians in South America and has described over ten amphibian and reptile species from Bolivia that were new to science. Since the late 90’s he published several books on Amphibians, Reptiles and Birds from Bolivia, as well as over 50 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals. His trips in Bolivia covered all 9 departments and 20 of the national protected areas, during which he amassed a large database of nature photos.  Famously, one of his Hyacinth Macaw photos is on the 100 Bolivianos currency note of Bolivia.

As a well-versed adventure traveler, he is fluent in English, Spanish and German, and can communicate in Portuguese and understand French. He lives in eastern Bolivia, where he owns a Boutique Hotel in Santiago de Chiquitos called Churapa, near the headwaters of the Pantanal.

His favorite work however is taking people to places where they can fulfill their dreams of taking pictures of iconic Amazon and Pantanal wildlife, such as river otters, tapirs, or macaws and of course cats like jaguars and pumas. Traveling with Steffen will be full of stories about wildlife and adventures in Bolivia.