Rodrigo Mariaca

Rodrigo Mariaca

Adventure & Nature Guide

Rodrigo was born in the lowlands of Santa Cruz in eastern Bolivia but was raised in the city of La Paz, where he pursued alpine adventures since he was a kid.  He received his degree in biology from UMSA (La Paz) and was trained in ecotourism and protected areas in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru, where he also travelled extensively.  He has always had a passion for outdoor sports, including trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking.

For decades he has worked in the development of ecotourism destinations, especially in protected areas and with indigenous communities in lowland Bolivia.  He studied sustainable business practices in Hotel Management as well as economic study of protected areas.  He was responsible for the development of ecotourism projects in Bolivia and Peru for national and international NGOs like Conservation International, Fundacion Amigos de la Naturaleza, USAID, The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center, Huellas and CAINCO, and many more.

Rodrigo successfully ran one of the most important community ecotourism ventures in Bolivia for 3 years at Chalalan lodge in Madidi National Park, winning several awards for the environmental performance of the venture while being directly involved in working with visitors and local entrepreneurs that were interested in supporting the venture.

With extensive experience in planning and developing nature trips, he is driven to share his love for the incredible landscapes of Bolivia both in the jungle and in the mountains, or exploring the most interesting historical sites in the cities and towns of Bolivia where he has traveled extensively over the years.  He currently lives in La Paz and has two daughters.  He speaks and writes fluent Spanish and English.