Patricio Crooker

Patricio Crooker

Photographer Guide

Patricio Crooker fell in love with photography and adventures since he was a little kid. Always finding a reason to get out of the house and explore his neighborhood he cultivated a passion for being outdoors and sometimes getting in over his head. When he graduated into adulthood, a camera helped him document his adventures to all corners where the seemingly mundane daily life became something interesting to look at. He is a passionate visual storyteller and documentary photographer with a degree in Journalism from Texas Christian University and a long pedigree of shooting, editing, teaching and publishing.

With more than 25 years of experience as a professional photographer, reporter and editor, Crooker has contributed to many local and international news organizations. He is the author of more than five photography books including, “Testimonio: Un Homenaje a los excombatientes de la Guerra del Chaco”, “Moxos Ichapekene Piesta”, “Lo Que La Tierra Nos Da”, “Los Alteños”, “Salar” and “Singani”.

Crooker has exhibited in many local and international venues, some of the most important solo exhibits are: “Amazons: Portraits and Places” at the National Museum of Art in La Paz and at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Cruz in 2001. “Fighters” in the Cultural Center Estación Mapocho in Santiago, Chile in 2008. In 2013 Crooker was invited to participate in the “Ojo Salvaje” International Photo Festival in Asunción, Paraguay. His last two solo exhibits were “Alcohol Alma” at the French Alliance in La Paz, Bolivia in 2019 and “Cuestion de Fe” in Casa Prado in La Paz, Bolivia in 2023.

He is also a member of the editorial project “Sueño de La Razon” in Latin America. Crooker is a member of @everydaylatinamerica and @everydaybolivia on Instagram. In the year 2018 he was one of 20 tutors in the 20-Fotografos-Bolivia, international photo workshop, sponsored by National Geographic in Concepción, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He was part of a team of Bolivian photojournalist documenting Bolivian competitors in the Dakar race when it passed through Bolivia and other neighboring countries.

Patricio is also a university teacher of photography at the Evangelical University in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and was for six years at the Catholic University in La Paz, Bolivia. He currently lives in Oregon Wisconsin with his wife and two lovely children. He is fluent in Spanish and English and body language. He still travels to Bolivia frequently, leading photo tours, helping local photographers improve their story-telling skills, and dining on fine cuisine in restaurants his friends own. He loves to combine adventures to remote areas with great wine and roughing it on an outdoor grill in the middle of the Altiplano. He himself admits he is a “foodie”.

If you want an amigo that knows his way around the remote regions of South America, can drive from the Andes to the Amazon without getting lost and loves to photograph the little vignettes of life as it happens, Patricio is your super guide and uber-capable mentor and photographer.