Mauricio Diez de Medina

Mauricio Diez de Medina

Master Coffee Roaster and Chef

Mauricio is the owner and CEO of Roaster Specialty Coffees and has more than 25 years of experience in the coffee industry as a producer, roaster, cupper, barista, and trainer. He was the first to think of and create a specialty coffee cafeteria in Bolivia and to make this product known to the domestic public, years ahead of others who began to copy him a decade later. One of his strengths is the field production of high-producing quality coffee plants and innovative methods of coffee harvest and processing.   Mauricio is an expert in quality control and cupping, as well as a distinguished coffee roaster and barista.

He was a founding partner of Agrotakesi, S.A. Director of ACEB Association of Special Coffees of Bolivia and member of the Bolivia Cup of Excellence Organizing Committee and senior judge for the Cup of Excellence challenge.

Since 2004 he has been a member of the SCA Specialty Coffee Association and is the General Manager of SCOBOL, a Specialty Coffee export company based in La Paz, Bolivia.  He is the owner and producer of the Kantutani Coffee Farm in Caranavi, Bolivia.  In 2009 he was the Bolivian Champion for the Cup of Excellence challenge.  He was awarded the SCAA Coffee of The Year in 2010.  He is a certified a Taster Q Grader and holds a coffee Q Grader Process Barista SCA certification and a Roasting SCA Certification.  His pedigree includes being a judge in barista and cupping competitions throughout Bolivia and a member of ANAPCAFÉ National Association of Tasters, Toasters and Baristas of Bolivia.

Adding to his love of developing the coffee industry he is an advisor and consultant for the development and assembly of business models for commercial cafeterias and gourmet restaurants and is the official importer of the famous Italian Dalla Corte espresso machines.  One of his many skills are preparing outstanding barbecues and cooking delicious paellas in the middle of nowhere.  His cooking skills are legendary among friends and guests.

Only second to his love of coffee and cooking is his love of adventure, especially off-road motorcycles.  He has driven thousands of kilometers on his BMW bike in-between soccer matches with his team at the German Club of La Paz.  He lives in La Paz with his wife and son is fluent in Spanish and can make himself understood in English.  In La Paz’s San Miguel neighborhood is Roaster Coffee Restaurant where stunning coffee is prepared to exacting standards by expert baristas and meals are served under Mauricio’s guidance.  When in the field, Sergio Photo Tours always serves Roaster Specialty Coffee