Kevin Steele


Photographer Guide

Born in Kuwait with family roots in NY and raised in the Middle East, Europe, Panamá and NY; I spent countless hours thumbing through National Geographic as a kid.

I was a young teenager in western Panamá, there for a few years with my family for my Dad’s project. I had a small film camera and the moment I remember getting hooked was at the ribbon cutting ceremony; I was right in front of Panamanian President Torrijos. As I look back on those shots I realize the power of a picture and the beginning of a desire for a shy kid to express himself. Torrijos was assassinated a few years later.

The high school darkroom was my home every day after class. Then to college to be an astronomer, picking up a degree in physics and a graduate degree in electrical engineering. But photography had taken hold as did a passion for climbing: I photographed life as a climber to share the stories and adventures. My work is an extension of my world.

His style is authentic, the lighting natural (even when lit). The mood ranges from quiet and still to explosively dynamic. There’s an emotional connection, a look, a gesture. These are often aspirational moments. I’m easy to work with. I’m in the sweet spot of happiness when I’m collaborating, connecting and creating. We work efficiently on set as a lot of attention has been given to prep and preproduction. Whether it’s an editorial solo or a full stills/motion ad production, I’m passionate about creating the client’s story and expanding on it to provide the unexpected.

Clients range from American Express to Guitar Center to VW, on location from Alaska to Ecuador to the West Indies. I’ve worked on full ad campaigns, episodic productions, run & gun docs and directed broadcast commercials. I’m always looking forward to that next project, to reveal the beauty and emotion of people connecting, exploring – letting the viewer pause and feel they want to be there.