Karen Kasmauski


Photographer Guide

Award-winning photographer Karen Kasmauski has photographed 25 major stories for National Geographic. Many proposed by her, these include subjects like Radiation, Viruses, Genetics, the causes of infectious disease, and America’s struggle with obesity.

Karen has worked in over 50 countries, covering earthquakes in Japan and oil workers on Alaska’s frozen north slope. She has flown over nuclear weapon test sites, and ventured into Russian prisons, followed families displaced by conflict in Africa and documented disease outbreaks in the Amazon.

Her award-winning book “NURSE: A World of Care,” explores global issues facing the nursing profession and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Karen’s previous book “IMPACT: From the Front Lines of Global Health” looks at the causes of infectious diseases throughout the world. Former President Jimmy Carter wrote introductions for both books.

The daughter of a Japanese war bride, Karen explored her roots in producing the 2015 documentary film “Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight—The Japanese War Brides,” which broadcast globally on BBC.

Karen has taught photography and video storytelling at the Corcoran School of Art, George Mason University, and the Maine Media Workshops. She has led photography workshops and tours in Alaska, the Galapagos, Egypt, Greenland, Antarctica, New Guinea, Japan, and Iceland.

A first-prize winner in the prestigious Pictures of the Year competition, Karen’s photographs have been exhibited at National Geographic’s headquarters, the United States Capitol, the National Academy of Sciences, the Newseum, the Carter Center, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute.