Ivan Albarracin

Ivan Albarracin

Adventure and Cultural Guide

Ivan was born in the sky-high city of La Paz, Bolivia, in the rarified air at 3,660 m / 12,000 ft above sea level where he lives with his wife. Like many from the Andes, he has big lungs and strong legs…and a big heart. Big as in a person who loves adventures, loves sharing his love for his native Bolivia and loves exploring history and cultures.

Before establishing himself as one of the top outdoor and historical guides in Bolivia, he embarked on private journeys as a backpacker to France, Belgium and Spain. He then set his sights closer to home in Latin America, visiting Colombia, Cuba, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru, expanding his knowledge and appreciation for different cultures and historical sites.

His studies at the Universidad Mayor de San Andres centered on Tourism Operations and Management. He has applied his formal learning to the field since 1997 and has guided the hard 12-day long Cordillera Real Trek, the Choro and Takesi Inca trails in Bolivia and the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. He has led groups in southern Peru in Cuzco, Arequipa, the Nazca Lines, Puno and around Lake Titicaca. Ivan’s curiosity about the past has also driven him to explore for lost archaeological sites, enabling him to guide specialized groups in archaeology and anthropology for many years.

Beyond his extensive knowledge of Bolivia’s history, culture, and natural landscapes, Ivan has an adventurous streak that brought him to the freezing summits of Mt. Huayna Potosi (6008 m), Mt. Illimani (6438 m), Uturunku Volcano (6008 m) and Mt. Sajama (6542 m). Below the glacier-covered summits, he loves to ride his mountain bike on the Death Road to Coroico, guiding other thrill-seekers down the infamous narrow dirt road that fills people with adrenaline and dopamine as they head from the Andes to the tropical Yungas valleys.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, he can do simultaneous translation, and has mastered the art of bridging cultures and creating unforgettable experiences for travelers who are lucky to have him as their tour leader. He likes to eat hot and spicy food, loves pasta and seafood, but broccoli, not so much.

Whether you want to learn about a native dance, an archaeological site or hike an Inca trail, Ivan has the experience and the eagerness to share his deep well of knowledge as long as you are willing to share in his passion for all things from the Andes. He is a guides-guide in all its forms. You will go back home fulfilled and amazed at how much you learned and glad you met such a passionate leader and gentle human being