Bill Douthitt


Photo Editor and Art Director

As Science Magazine’s Photography Managing Editor, Bill Douthitt transformed the publication’s picture use, hiring top photographers around the world to create hundreds of striking covers and features depicting cutting edge science advances.

Before joining Science, Bill was National Geographic Magazine’s Managing Editor for Special Editions, producing award-winning single-subject issues on exploration, space, wildlife, climate, and history.

Over his National Geographic career, Bill worked as a designer, photographer, and writer. He picture-edited over 200 stories, wrote the cover story on the Cassini Saturn mission, and managed the Millennium Project—a 500-page series of stories exploring key 21st century issues including population, biodiversity, climate, and science frontiers.

He worked with filmmaker Jim Cameron on a 100th anniversary story on Titanic’s sinking, interviewed astronaut Buzz Aldrin about the first trip to the moon, and once arranged to suspend Microsoft’s Bill Gates 50 feet in the air for a story on digital technology.

Bill has taught visual storytelling at the Maine Media Workshops as well as photography and news writing at the Corcoran School of Art, George Mason University and George Washington University.

Bill’s picture editing work has received awards in the Pictures of the Year competition and has contributed to winning National Magazine awards.