Alejandro Pinto

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Photo and Birding Guide

Alejandro is not just a biologist; he’s a spirited adventurer with a profound passion for birds and wildlife. From a young age, Alejandro’s curiosity about nature led him to immerse himself in the world of bird ecology. With a camera always in hand, his journeys across Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Argentina have been more than scientific—they’ve been thrilling expeditions into the heart of the wild.  He has also traveled through Chile, Mexico and the United States.

Between 2012 and 2015, Alejandro’s days were a whirlwind of research and adventure. His studies on seed dispersal by birds in the Colombian eastern plains and their critical role in natural reforestation were groundbreaking. He ventured into the Orinoco-Amazon transition zones, identifying new conservation areas, and explored the unique morphology of paramo birds, contributing to numerous scientific publications.

Since 2016, Alejandro has taken on the role of Chief of Ground Logistics and tour leader. His professional expertise has been sought after by prestigious companies such as Holbrook Travel, Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, World Wide Quest and Manakin Nature Tours. As a guide, his deep knowledge of avian species and vibrant storytelling make every tour an unforgettable experience.

Alejandro’s contributions to ornithology are not just confined to the field. His collaborative works have enriched several bird books, including “Aves de Casanare,” “Aves de la Isla Baru,” “Tesoros Alados,” and “Colibries en Colombia.” His scholarly articles and publications further cement his reputation as a leading expert that is passionate about conservation and protection of vulnerable habitats.

Beyond his scientific acumen, Alejandro’s infectious humor and welcoming demeanor transform tours into delightful adventures, where guests not only learn about birds but also experience the sheer joy of discovery in the wild.  Embark on a journey with Alejandro, and you’ll find yourself enthralled by the hidden wonders of nature, guided by a true connoisseur of the wild.