Rescue Services

Travel Insurance and Rescue Services....a comparison.

Traveling beyond your home country and stepping out of your comfort zone requires a reality check in today’s world. The recent Covid-19 pandemic served as a stark reminder of our vulnerability. Many individuals found themselves unprepared, when they could have easily secured insurance coverage and emergency rescue services for their travels, whether domestically or internationally. Such coverage could have not only saved them a significant amount of money but possibly even their lives. When you crunch the numbers, it becomes evident that having insurance coverage and/or access to rescue services for international travel is far more cost-effective than relying on your own funds.

It’s important to clarify that we’re discussing two distinct types of services, each serving unique purposes:

1. **Travel Insurance:** This comprehensive service covers a wide range of possibilities, with the extent of coverage depending on the plan you choose to invest in. Examples of coverage include medical emergencies abroad, medical expenses overseas, emergency assistance, “cancel for any reason” options, trip delay coverage, protection against lost or delayed luggage, coverage for stolen property, and repatriation, among other aspects. It’s worth noting that travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for anyone embarking on a journey with Sergio Photo Tours.

2. **Rescue Services:** These services fall into a different category altogether. Essentially, you purchase a membership, usually valid for one year, that provides you with the ability to be airlifted (once it’s deemed safe to travel) from your current location to your home country, city, and preferred hospital. Think of it as an air ambulance service. It’s crucial to understand that this is not insurance; it’s a private air service designed to transport you from wherever you may be to your home country to access the necessary services you require.  You will be accompanied by doctors and nurses and similar personnel.  These services complement your travel insurance; they do not serve as a substitute.

We firmly believe that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, as different companies offer various travel insurance options at different price points. The choice ultimately rests with you, depending on your specific needs and preferences. All insurance providers offer a spectrum of coverage, ranging from basic to comprehensive, so we recommend comparing similar plans to make an informed decision based on your tour and comfort level. Please bear in mind that you will be required to provide proof of travel insurance to join Sergio Photo Tours.

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