Sergio’s Story

Sergio Photo Tours is the accumulation of four decades of adventure travel with camera in hand.

Everyone has a moment in their life when they knew what their direction in life should be.  For me, it has always been about being outdoors, exploring the neighborhood pond, the city park or further out in the true wilderness.  A camera came into my life when I was young, and it helped me to capture all those surprising moments when I was living an adventurous life and just having fun.  Yes, it was that simple.  Fun is what we seem to be missing nowadays with all the technology, the economic concerns, political mood swings and fast-paced life.  I am still exploring, taking photos, and having fun!

I am a map-lover and there is nothing that captures my attention more than looking at a map and planning a journey to explore someplace new.  As I travel everywhere, I take photos and repurpose them as screensavers on my computer so that I can re-live those life-affirming moments I cherish.

Looking back recently over my images from the last four decades brings back wonderful memories bouncing around in 4×4’s crossing rugged landscapes, the winds that whipped me about, the smell of the ocean, the musty smell of dark earth decaying in the rainforest and the dust that covered me in the deserts.  I re-live those profound moments by looking at my photos.  I also get inspired by looking at other people’s photos that are breathtaking and I wish I could have been there, next to them, sharing the experience.

It’s for these reasons that Sergio Photo Tours came into existence.  I wanted to share those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are personal and special and that will never happen again.  Either you capture it then or you missed your opportunity.  My goal is to make sure I put you in the best location, with the best views at the perfect time with the right light.  That is easier said than done, but after many decades of wild experiences, I know it’s possible and I have done it time and time again for my guests.  The tours I design are based on chasing the light because that is the heart and soul of photography.  I have been lucky to have met and worked alongside incredible photographers, adventurers, and filmmakers that I helped reach their goals.


My time is split between Colorado and Bolivia and other South American countries, scouting, exploring, and leading private, customized tours.  This is what I do, and this is why people travel with Sergio Photo Tours, to travel with experts in the region and to take them to where the crowds don’t go.  I work with a loyal staff and expert local guides that know their backyard like no one else can.  Every itinerary I design is based on personal experience traveling the same route and region, becoming knowledgeable of the landscape, befriending the people, and knowing where the best accommodations, food and knowing where the optimum shooting locations are.  Let’s connect and discuss your goals and let’s make it happen, now!

Currently we offer tours in Bolivia, Peru, and Chile.  Argentina, Ecuador, and Colombia are coming online very soon!

Below is a brief sample of the images captured on past photo tours.  Enjoy!

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