Tanja Kaczmarczyk

Tailor-Made Tours & Guide

Tanja is one of those rare people that you find every once in a while, when you are not expecting to cross paths with a ‘spirited one’! Born in Bolivia to a German mother and a Bolivian father, Tanja was always in the mix. If there was a wall to climb, a mud puddle to jump into and an ice cream cone to slurp on, she was on it. Adventure and travel define her life and taking chances is part of her DNA.

Since she was a little girl, she was always by her dad’s side, exploring the outdoors, traveling via VW bug to Apolo, swimming in whitewater rivers and eating wild mangoes right off the tree. The great outdoors was her heaven and still is.

She has covered the gamut from exporting alpaca wool to Germany to the Head of Protocol of the Government of the Department of Pando in Bolivia. She graduated “Cum Laude” with a degree in Tourism Business Administration from Universidad Catolica Boliviana ‘San Pablo’ in Cochabamba and post-graduate in sustainable development. Her career in tourism runs the gamut from operations manager, guide training, tour development and deployment to cost analysis and strategic positioning and marketing of hotels. She was in charge of in-country tour operations and DMC in Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Ecuador. She has organized, led and executed multiple tourism exhibitions, trade shows and fairs. If it has anything to do with running the tourism business, she was part of it.

She has traveled all over Latin America, lived in Mexico, Chile and Bolivia, traveled to South Africa and is currently residing in Switzerland and hiking in the Alps. She is a fluent speaker in German and Spanish and highly advanced in spoken and written English. Her life is to travel, see what amazing places this world is hiding and to help lead people to the life-awakening experiences mother nature has in store for them.

She loves water; whitewater rafting, canyoning and anything where sleeping on the ground and falling asleep to the sound of water is part of the plan. One of her most memorable experiences was spent 15-days running the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon in Arizona.