Raymundo Nina

Adventure Guide and Driver

Raymundo Nina was born next to the Uyuni salt flats…in the village of Jirira.  For decades, the village of Jiriria was just a semi-abandoned village in the middle of nowhere.  but, adventurers eventually found it and they also found Raymundo.  His parents are Aymara natives and his world is divided between the spiritual world of the Aymara and the modern one.  Early on, he learned to fix everything when it broke and when it comes to Land Cruisers, he is a great self-taught mechanic who can fix anything in the middle of nowhere.  Besides his skills as a mechanic he is also an adventure guide and driver.  He knows the Bolivian Altiplano like the back of his hand, every turn, every river crossing, every high pass has seen his 4×4 pass over the decades.  He speaks 3 languages fluently: Aymara, Spanish and French.  He has led multi-week expeditions to the Sud Lipez region into northern Chile and northern Argentina.  Mt. Thunupa volcano rises behind his house-turned-hostal in Jirira and he has climbed it so many times he has forgot the number.  We count on Raymundo to lead great expeditions and photo tours to all corners of Bolivia, northern Chile and Argentina year-round.  He lives in Jirira with his wife Dana and his three children.