Jaime Balza

Adventure and Cultural Guide

Jaime was born in La Paz and has been studying Anthropology in between stints as a tour leader and trekking guide.

He has been in the tourism business for close to 25 years specializing in adventure travel, trekking and cultural tours.  He has worked for large tourism companies traveling through Bolivia, Peru and Chile handling private groups as small as 2 guests to over 30, in rare circumstances.

He was worked with Explore! tourism company as well Condor Travel, Crillon Tours, Transturin and Magri Turismo.  He won the Tour Leaders Award in 2013 from Explore! and was also short-listed among the best 15 Tour Leaders from a group of over 400 tour leaders worldwide that are part of the Explore conglomerate.

His passion for adventure is bright and loves to head deep into the Altiplano or trek across the Andes.  When it’s time to get into the city and learn about history, important historical characters and see little-known secrets, Jaime is the man for the job.